Quick Miranda Update

Thanks to Hikarifan, I’ve been tracking some very weird activity when it comes to Miranda.

Specifically, she’s been sporadically appearing in a few images, all tied into the more sketchy side of the net. There were some party shots from a nightclub in San Francisco, some candids from a low-rent dating site, and also some personals ads. In every one, “Miranda” is referred to by another name (Ilyanna, Heather, etc), and isn’t acting at all like her normal self – usually her doppelganger is partying and/or trolling for guys.

Kaia went over the images, and the whois info for all the involved sites, and there seems to be a slight connection between them, but it’s not clear yet. It was also apparent after a little analysis that some moderately-skilled Photoshopping was involved – she didn’t quite mesh with the club scenes, and her hair was a bit off. Furthermore, the dating site text was just boilerplate – it came from a few other profiles associated with Russian scammer girls.

We don’t have any firm explanation right now, except that it’s clearly not Miranda in those pictures. However, that doesn’t rule out that someone has access to her, or at least a lot of personal photos, and is taking/shopping these images to whatever end.

I’ll let you know when I have any more information.

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