The Portland Fade

Number 12 has really done it this time.

I hired a Die Database Fan Cloud member from Gresham to scope things out a bit, and it’s really, extremely off:

  1. Miranda hasn’t been in school for weeks
  2. Their house has been unoccupied since the Fourth Event
  3. None of her neighbors, friends, or random workers at Pizzicato remember her, verbally or prodded with a picture.

It’s as if she used the White to wipe away all traces of her daughter, at least in the greater TriMet area.

After a little more probing, I’ve determined that the radius of no-Miranda is from Vancouver in the north, to Oregon City in the south, with Hillsboro and Gresham the West-East borders.  That’s about a ten mile radius of instant, highly selective amnesia.

This is awful, but not for the obvious reasons.  I have faith that I can find Miranda, in this or any other variant, especially with the data hints we collected during the Fourth Event.

However, the amount of power Number 12 used to erase her daughter is off the charts – unchecked, it could have leveled Western Oregon, with a smoking crater from Tillamook to Mt. Hood.  I have no idea how she was able to direct that energy without tearing herself apart, and Ai’s silent on the subject – she’s too wrapped up in Project Kaia.

No matter.  Something big is up, and Number 12 is showing signs of unprecedented control.  She has to be directly manipulating the Black, which no one has ever done except for the Nameless, and….

No, I don’t see how she could do that to Miranda, using her like a straw to suck at reality.

But still, she twisted the minds of over 2 million people by force, and stuffed Aurora into some pocket of the Structure that none of us know how to find.

Number 12 has her hands in both the cookie jar, and the oven.  I sure hope she knows which one to close first.

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