I Didn’t Spot The Setup

I’m still reeling from the earthquakes and tsunami, and not just because of the footage of fleets of cars tumbling in water like leaves.  I don’t know what’s happened, but this variant is collapsing way too quickly.

In variant 236, the Sendai earthquake happened on May 7th, and it wasn’t as strong.  That was after Libya was free, and Gaddafi assassinated.

In variant 237, the earthquake has already happened, practically off the charts, and Gaddafi is holding fast.

The whole trick about each variant is that all we know for certain are that the Seven Events will happen, in sequence. We never get to force order out of the semi-randomness of micro and macro moments, which means that I can’t tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow.  I can only tell you what’s happened all of the previous times, and compare and contrast.

This totally sucks, because I can’t effectively warn people about natural or human disasters.  I can’t predict the stock market. I can’t even stop someone from killing me – it’s happened a few times before.  It’s perhaps the worst form of torture, to watch everything fall apart, and not be able to stop it, only armchair quarterback after the fact.

I can’t save Miranda, I can’t stop the tsunami, I can’t fight the Nameless, and yet here I am with the keys to the kingdom, aimlessly hoping to find the lock in the dark.  I am so, fatally depressed, and yet…..

Something is really bothering me about this variant, something I haven’t placed my finger on since my memory returned a few months ago.  The very air is different, water boils a little too quickly, and the noosphere is much larger than I remember before.  Everything is too big for its britches – reality is yearning to break free, into….

I don’t even want to contemplate it.  I have to focus on the task at hand, to ignore my shaking hands, and the shaking world, and race to pilot the sinking ship. Which is in a sinking ocean, in a sinking world, and Seiun is licking her lips.

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