Log 2011.3.5.txt

2011.3.5.13:40:20 – Agartha Labs Narrative Engine 1.2
2011.3.5.13:40:20 – StartLog -ce
2011.3.5.13:40:20 – @TokiDokiDucky is online.
2011.3.5.13:40:20 – @TokiDokiDucky is in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
2011.3.5.13:40:20 – @TokiDokiDucky is in her bedroom.
2011.3.5.13:40:25 – Login @MirrorPlay:2170
2011.3.5.13:40:32 – Connection established with @MirrorPlay
2011.3.5.13:40:34 – @MirrorPlay is online.
2011.3.5.13:40:34 – @MirrorPlay is in Portland, Oregon.
2011.3.5.13:40:34 – @Aurora is online.
2011.3.5.13:40:34 – @Aurora is in Portland, Oregon.
2011.3.5.13:40:41– TweakLog @All -vt
2011.3.5.13:40:42 – Tokie is standing in her bedroom, wearing jeans and a Massive Cloud Burst T-Shirt.
2011.3.5.13:40:46 – ShiftPersp @Tokie
2011.3.5.13:40:47 – Tokie is standing in Miranda‘s bedroom, next to Miranda and Aurora. Miranda is wearing light blue pajamas, and Aurora has on a white, ankle-length dress with lace accents.
2011.3.5.13:40:52 – Miranda “I’m so glad you came!  Non-ironic slumber party!”
2011.3.5.13:40:59 – Aurora “I’m sorry if I freaked you out, but I had to change the plan at the last minute.”
2011.3.5.13:41:15 – Tokie “But why? By making he aware of her position, you’ve collapsed the timetable.”
2011.3.5.13:41:28 – Miranda “What the fuck are you two talking about? Come on, let’s just focus on the here and now, and have fun!”
2011.3.5.13:41:44 – Aurora “Dear, we need to talk to you for a minute – it’s serious.”
2011.3.5.13:41:57 – Aurora sits Miranda down on the edge of the bed
2011.3.5.13:42:12 – Tokie “First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t say anything sooner. I should have been honest with you about Aurora.”
2011.3.5.13:42:38 – Miranda “I don’t care about that anymore – as long as you brought her into my life, I’m good!”
2011.3.5.13:42:55 – Aurora “It’s not all good, not by a long shot. Like Tokie said, I’ve just about ruined everything by trying to tell you what’s been going on.”
2011.3.5.13:43:21 – Tokie “There’s been a causal collapse. The fourth event has been moved up by almost a year – it’s going to happen tonight.”
2011.3.5.13:43:39 – Miranda “Causal collapse? Fourth event? Don’t tell me you’ve been teaching her your crazy talk.”
2011.3.5.13:43:57 – Aurora “There’s really not enough time to explain. It’s going to happen in about ten minutes.”
2011.3.5.13:44:16 – Aurora picks up a plastic water bottle from her satchel.
2011.3.5.13:44:33 – Aurora “Do you trust us, dear?”
2011.3.5.13:44:41 – Miranda “Of course I do.”
2011.3.5.13:44:49 – Aurora “Then drink this, and lie down on the bed.”
2011.3.5.13:44:54 – Miranda hesitates for a moment, then takes a swig from the bottle.
2011.3.5.13:45:12 – Aurora “Don’t worry, it’s just a fast acting DMT analog, formulated for extra lucidity.”
2011.3.5.13:45:22 – Tokie “What she’s trying to say is that you’re going to be tripping hard in a few minutes.”
2011.3.5.13:45:33 – Miranda “You dosed me? What the fuck!”
2011.3.5.13:45:42 – Aurora “We had to. In all the variants where we didn’t, you went crazy or died during the transposition.”
2011.3.5.13:45:58 – Miranda “For once, tell it to me like it is!”
2011.3.5.13:46:08 – Aurora “It’s going to seem like you’re leaving your body. When you come back down, you’ll be in another you – a future you.”
2011.3.5.13:46:27 – Miranda turns onto her side, moaning slightly.
2011.3.5.13:46:48 – Aurora “Like I’ve been trying to tell you, something really awful is going to happen to you soon. We want to find out who does it to you, so we can try to stop it, to stop them.”
2011.3.5.13:47:05 – Tokie “We’ve been through this hundreds of times – each time we get a little closer to the truth, to a solution.”
2011.3.5.13:47:23 – Aurora “In every variant, you’re always the key. We can’t repair things unless you survive.”
2011.3.5.13:47:40 – Miranda “I think someone else is here! They’re staring at me!”
2011.3.5.13:47:51 – Tokie “The machine elves are travelers lost in the white – they can’t hurt you.”
2011.3.5.13:48:03 – Miranda “Fucking talking about! Arrgh!”
2011.3.5.13:48:11 – Aurora “Miranda, keep listening to my voice. Feel my hand squeezing yours. It’s going to be OK.”
2011.3.5.13:48:32 – Miranda “Not know how speaking”
2011.3.5.13:48:45 – Aurora “Since you’re not etched yet, we had to give you something to force you into the bodyweb.”
2011.3.5.13:48:58 – Tokie “We need to know exactly when you’re first logged on. Who’s hosting the S.OS fragments.”
2011.3.5.13:49:14 – Aurora “It’s too late. She’s not going to understand you.”
2011.3.5.13:49:45 – Miranda starts to seize uncontrollably
2011.3.5.13:49:52 – Tokie “Hold down her legs! I’m opening the tether!”
2011.3.5.13:49:59 – Aurora lays across Miranda, barely holding her down.
2011.3.5.13:50:46 – Tokie pulls out a small, metal box, and connects it to a wall outlet in her bedroom in Ikebukuro, and to an USB port on her computer.
2011.3.5.13:51:01 – Aurora “Ai’s not sure how big a fracture it’s going to be. I need you to probe for GPS satellites once it opens!”
2011.3.5.13:51:19 – Miranda arches her back as her eyes roll into her head.
2011.3.5.13:51:37 – Aurora “She’s breaching! Don’t freak out like last time!”
2011.3.5.13:51:56 – Miranda jerks awake, covered with sweat, as (UNKNOWN PHENOMENA) (VERB NOT FOUND)
2011.3.5.13:52:13 – Tokie “Probing the white…Satellite one locked!”
2011.3.5.13:52:44 – Miranda looks at Aurora, as (UNKNOWN PHENOMENA) (HOVERS?EATS?SHINES?)
2011.3.5.13:53:08 – Miranda “Is that you? I thought you were dead….”
2011.3.5.13:53:20 – Aurora “It’s me, dear. Where are you?”
2011.3.5.13:53:33 – Miranda “It hurts so much! It comes at night to give me new skin.”
2011.3.5.13:53:58 – Tokie “Satellite two locked!
2011.3.5.13:54:13 – Aurora “I need you to understand me. Do you know what day it is?”
2011.3.5.13:54:29 – Miranda “Don’t know where I am, if it’s day or night. I’m just so glad you found me….”
2011.3.5.13:54:51 – Tokie “Satellite three not resolving! Have to reset…”
2011.3.5.13:55:12 – Aurora “Who’s hurting you? What’s their name?”
2011.3.5.13:55:24 – Miranda “It comes in threes, different bodies same voices…. I’m not allowed to recognize their faces.”
2011.3.5.13:55:39 – Miranda grabs Aurora’s cheeks.
2011.3.5.13:55:43 – Miranda “The moon is molesting me… I keep having shadow babies.”
2011.3.5.13:56:23 – Tokie “I can’t resolve the position… I can only get October 2011 from the time code.”
2011.3.5.13:56:44 – Aurora “Please! Where are you? When was the last time you saw me?”
2011.3.5.13:56:58 – Miranda “I can’t listen to ghosts! There’s a monster under the sheets with me! Mom! Mom!!!!”
2011.3.5.13:57:16 – Tokie “It’s collapsing!”
2011.3.5.13:57:29 – Aurora “Please don’t go!”
2011.3.5.13:57:42 – Miranda “Mom!!!!”
2011.3.5.13:57:49 – @Number12 is online
2011.3.5.13:57:49 – @Number12 is in Portland, Oregon
2011.3.5.13:58:17 – @Number12 is opening the door to Miranda‘s bedroom
2011.3.5.13:58:20 – Number12 “Mira, what’s going on?”
2011.3.5.13:58:28 – Aurora is holding Miranda down on the bed as she continues to yell for her mother.
2011.3.5.13:58:36 – Number12 “What the fuck are you doing with my daughter!”
2011.3.5.13:58:48 – Aurora “She’s transpositional! Please don’t sever the connection!”
2011.3.5.13:58:59 – Number12 “You little bitch! She’s not etched for a reason!”
2011.3.5.13:59:08 – Number12 enters the room, and thrusts her arms into (UNKNOWN PHENOMENA)
2011.3.5.13:59:16 – Tokie “Oh God, she’s breaching the fracture! Never happened before!”
2011.3.5.13:59:32 – Number12 “You have no idea what you’ve done!”
2011.3.5.13:59:44 – (UNKNOWN PHENOMENA) starts to (FLOW?DISSOLVE?SEEP?) into Number12‘s arms.
2011.3.5.13:59:53 – Aurora “You can’t do that!”
2011.3.5.14:00:16 – Number12 moves (UNKNOWN PHENOMENA) towards Aurora
2011.3.5.14:00:28 – Number12 “You’re never going to touch my daughter again!”
2011.3.5.14:00:36 – (UNKNOWN PHENOMENA) (VERB NOT FOUND) over Aurora and Miranda.
2011.3.5.14:00:37 – @Aurora is offline
2011.3.5.14:00:37 – @Miranda is offline
2011.3.5.14:00:39 – Kernel Error – Rebooting
2011.3.5.14:04:36 – StartLog
2011.3.5.14:04:38 – @Miranda is online
2011.3.5.14:04:38 – @Tokie is online
2011.3.5.14:04:38 – @Number12 is online
2011.3.5.14:04:39 – (UNKNOWN PHENOMENA) is no longer detected. Aurora is no longer detected.
2011.3.5.14:04:51 – Number12 “And as for you – I let you into my home!”
2011.3.5.14:05:07 – Tokie “Please don’t!”
2011.3.5.14:05:13 – @Tokie is offline in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
2011.3.5.14:05:16 – Number12 “Get over here!”
2011.3.5.14:05:20 – @Tokie is online in Portland, Oregon.
2011.3.5.14:05:26 – Number12 grabs Tokie by the forehead.
2011.3.5.14:05:29 – Number12 “Your body may not be here, but your mind is.”
2011.3.5.14:05:38 – Number12 thrusts her hand into the head of Tokie‘s ghost.
2011.3.5.14:05:55 – Tokie “Don’t do this to us!”
2011.3.5.14:06:02 – Number12 “If my daughter ever contacts you again, don’t answer.  If you ever contact her again, I’ll rip your soul out of the top of your head. Do you understand me? Now fuck off!”
2011.3.5.14:06:28 – Connection Unstable – Losing sync
2011.3.5.14:06:35 – Number12 slowly lifts Miranda off the bed – she is limp and unconscious.
2011.3.5.14:06:46 – Connection Lost
2011.3.5.14:06:49 – StopLog
2011.3.5.14:06:55 – SaveLog 2011.3.5.txt

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