I left my heart at the Die Database concert

2011.2.19.19:12:20 – Agartha Labs Narrative Engine 1.2b6
2011.2.19.19:12:20 – StartLog -ce
2011.2.19.19:12:20 – @TokiDokiDucky is online.
2011.2.19.19:12:20 – @TokiDokiDucky is in Shimo-Kitazawa.
2011.2.19.19:12:49 – @TokiDokiDucky is exiting the train station.
2011.2.19.19:13:12 – TweakLog @TokiDokiDucky -vt
2011.2.19.19:13:12 – Tokie is standing near a wall, as a crowd of people enter and exit the train station.
2011.2.19.19:13:42 – @MirrorPlay is online.
2011.2.19.19:13:42 – @MirrorPlay is in Portland, Oregon.
2011.2.19.19:13:42 – @MirrorPlay “I’m so so sorry! My alarm went off at 3, but my dream didn’t!”
2011.2.19.19:13:50 – TweakLog @MirrorPlay -vt
2011.2.19.19:13:50 – Miranda is activating her eyephones, while she stands in front of the camera on top of her TV.
2011.2.19.19:14:10 – Tokie “Don’t worry about it, we still have almost two hours to kill.”
2011.2.19.19:14:22 – Miranda “Why did you wake me up this early, then?”
2011.2.19.19:14:35 – Tokie “Doors are at 8 – 45 minutes from now. Come on, I’ll give you another tour of Shimo-Kitazawa.”
2011.2.19.19:15:50 – Tokie walks forward, across a pedestrian intersection and towards a row of shops. The nighttime lights are in full bloom.
2011.2.19.19:16:20 – Miranda “Can we go to the neko cafe? Isn’t it this way?”
2011.2.19.19:16:31 – Miranda sends a Google Map URL to Tokie. Accept?
2011.2.19.19:16:35 – TweakLog Miranda -all
2011.2.19.19:16:37 – Miranda now has extended permissions
2011.2.19.19:16:45 – Tokie “We’ll just walk by, so you can see the sign.”
2011.2.19.19:16:58 – Miranda “You. Are. So. Mean.”
2011.2.19.19:17:15 – Tokie “I’ll take you there next week, OK? Right now we’re just going to walk through this neighborhood a bit. Then, back through the station, to the other side. Up past this Italian restaurant I like, then back across the tracks to the club. Deal?”
2011.2.19.19:18:04 – Miranda “Deal.”
2011.2.19.19:18:12 – Tokie “Plus, I have a surprise at the end.”
2011.2.19.19:18:31 – Miranda “Surprise! Oh, the suspense slays me!”
2011.2.19.19:18:40 – Miranda falls backwards, on to her unmade bed, the frills of her dress trailing behind her.
2011.2.19.19:18:45 – Miranda “OK, tour guide! Take me away!”
2011.2.19.19:19:02 – Tokie “Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not going to describe everything. Just look through my eyephones and jump in with questions or quips when the fancy strikes.”
2011.2.19.19:19:40 – Miranda “Yeah yes yup.”
2011.2.19.19:19:50 – Miranda “So. How did you get out of Saturday night at the Circle X?”
2011.2.19.19:20:13 – Tokie “The boss still brags that he knows famous Masae from way back when, and I promised him a signed T-Shirt if he let me take the night off.”
2011.2.19.19:20:52 – Miranda “Doesn’t he have a thing for Yuma?”
2011.2.19.19:21:01 – Tokie “Doesn’t everyone? He was all nose bleeding when she kept coming in looking for Masae, back in the pre 99% Natural days.”
2011.2.19.19:21:40 – Miranda “I forget – did you see her when she came in those times?”
2011.2.19.19:22:12 – Tokie “Yes, on the night she actually found Masae again. She and I had the same shift. Masae was restocking the huge cold tea lineup, and Yuma actually came up behind her, and covered her eyes peekaboo style.”
2011.2.19.19:22:49 – Miranda “Ooooh!”
2011.2.19.19:22:58 – Tokie “Yes, exactly! Masae was all Oooooooh!, your hands are cold Toki! And then she turned around.”
2011.2.19.19:23:20 – Miranda “Love Connection! 99% Blushing!”
2011.2.19.19:23:47 – Tokie “Pretty much. She just sat there, squatting by the crate of bottles…”
2011.2.19.19:23:59 – Miranda “Why wasn’t she loading from behind the freezer?”
2011.2.19.19:24:11 – Tokie “She hates cold, so she always worked from the front, much to boss anger.”
2011.2.19.19:24:24 – Miranda “Boss anger much, ha ha!”
2011.2.19.19:24:33 – Tokie “Squatting, hands still all over her face, she turned around and looked past the elaborate manicure. Later, she told me she thought that I had turned into Yuma magically, rather than it actually being her.”
2011.2.19.19:25:01 – Miranda “You mean a whole magical girl body switching from the void thing?”
2011.2.19.19:25:14 – Tokie “Yes, a whole StrikerS transformation, rather than the simple answer that Yuma had chosen her. For whatever reason, her.”
2011.2.19.19:25:40 – Miranda “Kawaiiiiii! If I ever meet them, the first thing I’ll yell is Kawaiiii! without adequate explanation.”
2011.2.19.19:25:55 – Tokie “OK then. So anyway, their eyes made musical love, and Masae actually left her shift right that instant, walking out of the door with Yuma under her arm.”
2011.2.19.19:26:22 – Miranda “She quit! Just like that?”
2011.2.19.19:26:27 – Tokie “Not exactly. I covered her shift, hacked the time clock, and no one knew the wiser. She kept working there nights until they met Satomi.”
2011.2.19.19:26:48 – Miranda “And you were there! The whole time!”
2011.2.19.19:27:02 – Tokie “Yeah, (sigh). TokiDoki the Die Database Fan Ghost.”
2011.2.19.19:27:16 – Miranda “The FIRST fan ghost. Do you still have the prototype tech?”
2011.2.19.19:27:23 – Tokie “No! Satomi actually took it back, to put in the Agartha Labs archive. Good thing – there were so many wires, the eyephones were super heavy, and the projectors were the size of Dreamcasts.”
2011.2.19.19:27:50 – Miranda “Want! Want! Well, I don’t actually want that busted tech, but I do want a Dreamcast!”
2011.2.19.19:28:19 – Tokie “Did I tell you I was on the set of the Karmic Freedom commercial?”
2011.2.19.19:28:32 – Miranda “What? Maji?”
2011.2.19.19:28:41 – Tokie “I was the Agartha Labs Holographic Technician. I didn’t know how to make it, but I definitely knew how to use the system. Satomi actually hired me to oversee things, while she was busy directing.”
2011.2.19.19:29:05 – Miranda “You mean you were the one taking holographic clothes off of Yuma? Nice!”
2011.2.19.19:29:20 – Tokie “Oh yes, nice, especially when she never let me take her out. I have a not so secret thing for her.”
2011.2.19.19:29:36 – Miranda “Not so secret? All the Fan Ghosts know you have a heart on for her. It’s never gonna happen!”
2011.2.19.19:29:59 – Tokie “You better be nice to me tonight, or you won’t get your surprise!”
2011.2.19.19:30:09 – Tokie “OK. Right here, upstairs, is the restaurant where Die Database was born.”
2011.2.19.19:30:15 – Miranda “What? We have to go in!”
2011.2.19.19:30:24 – Tokie “No, can’t do. We’re already late for the surprise. Come on, off to the club.”
2011.2.19.19:30:44 – Miranda “I will never forgive you! I want to eat pasta where Die Database has!”
2011.2.19.19:30:52 – Tokie “It’s not that bad, actually. The waitresses are cute, you can pour your own drinks…”
2011.2.19.19:31:09 – Miranda “Forgiving you equals never!”
2011.2.19.19:31:17 – Tokie “Again, wait until we get there.”
2011.2.19.19:31:41 – Miranda “Are you logging me? Your Narrative Engine is so dramatic! I’m turning that shit off because I have to… use the restroom.”
2011.2.19.19:31:58 – Miranda EndLog
2011.2.19.19:37:06 – Miranda StartLog
2011.2.19.19:37:12 – Miranda “All Done”
2011.2.19.19:37:18 – Tokie “About time! I don’t even want to know what you were up to.”
2011.2.19.19:37:33 – Miranda “Freshening! It’s all about the freshness.”
2011.2.19.19:37:50 – Tokie “Whatever. I’ve been waiting in front of the club for a few minutes. Look over there.”
2011.2.19.19:38:11 – Miranda “Oooooh! Cosplay photo ops!”
2011.2.19.19:38:21 – Tokie “Yes, if you close your eyes and imagine the first 10 or so Shiina Ringo PVs, and then open your eyes again….”
2011.2.19.19:38:36 – Miranda “You’ll feel you’re living a dream! Pinch me!”
2011.2.19.19:38:48 – Tokie “When we get inside, and we active your Ghost Pass, I’ll pinch you and punch you, virtually.”
2011.2.19.19:38:50 – Miranda “That’s my lady!”
2011.2.19.19:39:56 – Tokie “Speaking of which, your surprise is down those steps, behind that door, behind another door, etc.”
2011.2.19.19:40:09 – Tokie walks slowly down the steps leading to the front door of the club, squeezing past a long line of costumed fans that continues on up, and around the block.
2011.2.19.19:40:09 – TweakLog translate -ej
2011.2.19.19:40:12 – Tokie “OK, I’ve put up subtitles for you, but if you want full voice translation, just use -vo”
2011.2.19.19:40:26 – Tokie knocks on the front door to the club.
2011.2.19.19:41:01 – Unidentified Speaker “It’s about time!”
2011.2.19.19:41:03 – Identified Speaker Masae
2011.2.19.19:41:09 – Tokie @Miranda “Don’t freak out… during your date with the toilet I called ahead so they knew when to expect us. Wait – it gets better.”
2011.2.19.19:41:24 – Miranda “Kawaiiiii! Freaking out! Masae is right there in our face!”
2011.2.19.19:41:34 – Masae “Baby! Did you bring your American girlfriend to play with me?”
2011.2.19.19:41:42 – Miranda “Girlfriend? What have you been telling my idols?”
2011.2.19.19:41:52 – Tokie @Miranda “Just the best parts… now shush!”
2011.2.19.19:42:05 – Tokie “Take me backstage and I’ll port her into the system.”
2011.2.19.19:42:14 – Masae “Hurry up, we have to start our second sound check for the fans in like 10 minutes.”
2011.2.19.19:42:36 – Masae points past the merchandise table to a door, which she proceeds to unlock with a keycard.
2011.2.19.19:42:58 – Masae “After you, Circle X drone!”
2011.2.19.19:43:11 – Tokie “At least I have a real job….. wow!”
2011.2.19.19:43:34 – Unidentified Speaker “Close the door! Close it! Fans don’t get to see my pants [t: underwear] anymore!”
2011.2.19.19:43:43 – Identified Speaker Yuma
2011.2.19.19:43:44 – Unidentified Speaker “Putting on a show before the show – scandalous!”
2011.2.19.19:43:50 – Identified Speaker Satomi
2011.2.19.19:43:51 – Yuma is sitting at a chair, adjusting the skirt of her cowgirl outfit. Satomi is pinning the sash of her scout uniform.
2011.2.19.19:44:09 – Tokie “Where’s the Fan Ghost router? I need to give Miranda early access.”
2011.2.19.19:44:19 – Satomi “I only have one pico in here. Use that router. We can project her against the wall.”
2011.2.19.19:44:34 – Launching GhostServer 3.1.5
2011.2.19.19:44:37 – Tokie @Miranda “Dear, the best I can do is give you some 2D time with your favorites. Enjoy”
2011.2.19.19:44:55 – Miranda appears on the wall as a pink shadow. Her elaborate sweet lolita dress overlaps concert posters from past events.
2011.2.19.19:44:57 – Miranda “You are the best! I can’t believe I haven’t talked to you in person until now!”
2011.2.19.19:45:17 – Masae “You seem a lot taller on Twitter! Just kidding!”
2011.2.19.19:45:32 – Satomi “We appreciate all of the messages you send us. Your commitment to our music means something.”
2011.2.19.19:45:49 – Yuma “What she’s trying to say is that we invited you back stage tonight not as a fan, but a friend.”
2011.2.19.19:46:19 – Masae “Any girlfriend of TokiDoki is a girlfriend of ours, ummmm, you know!”
2011.2.19.19:46:32 – Miranda @Tokie “Again with the girlfriend! You and I need to talk, after the show.”
2011.2.19.19:46:44 – Satomi “In any case, we have a few minutes before the sound check. Is there anything you wanted to ask us?”
2011.2.19.19:47:02 – Miranda “Ummmm…. will you play a song for me tonight? Please please Massive Cloud Burst Theme!”
2011.2.19.19:47:11 – Yuma “During the first encore, I’ll sing it just to you!”
2011.2.19.19:47:18 – Miranda “Thanks! How about a Judy and Mary song, to make Yuma happy!”
2011.2.19.19:47:33 – Masae “Motto! Music Fighter! Come on…. lady boss!”
2011.2.19.19:47:47- Satomi – “I’ll think about it. We’ll talk it over after Muzai Moratorium. Anything else?”
2011.2.19.19:48:04 – Miranda “Can I visit you again? Some other day?”
2011.2.19.19:48:32 – Masae “You’re now in our Address Book, under yes.”
2011.2.19.19:48:48 – Miranda “Thank you! I’ll only come calling at the most annoying times!”
2011.2.19.19:49:14 – Yuma “I believe you! You’ve already seen my underwear – next time you can call when I’m in the shower. Doesn’t mean I’ll answer, but you can call.”
2011.2.19.19:49:35 – Satomi “Alright, that’s it. It’s been nice talking to you, but we have a date with a room full of Shiina Ringo.”
2011.2.19.19:49:51 – Quitting GhostServer
2011.2.19.19:49:51 – Miranda‘s pink shadow immediately blinks out, and Die Database leaves the room.
2011.2.19.19:50:22 – Miranda “Girlfriend?!”
2011.2.19.19:50:31 – Tokie “Masae always jumps to conclusions.”
2011.2.19.19:50:43 – Miranda “She tells it like she sees it. Do you need to tell me like you see me?”
2011.2.19.19:51:57 – Tokie “I don’t know what to say.”
2011.2.19.19:52:15 – Miranda “You’re my best friend! If you’re hiding something from me, I can’t stand it. You can be hot or cold for me, just tell me the truth for once!”
2011.2.19.19:52:39 – Tokie puts her hands to her face and sighs. She stares into the mirror.
2011.2.19.19:53:51 – Tokie “I don’t have the right words for it, but you’re the only one I want.”
2011.2.19.19:54:20 – Miranda “Don’t worry, dear. I’m not going to log off. The one thing I can say for certain is that tonight, I’m only yours.”
2011.2.19.19:54:57 – Tokie wipes away her tears, and walks out of the dressing room.
2011.2.19.19:55:22 – Miranda “Now get those puffy wings working and get my Ghost Pass validated! I want to look my date in the eye.”
2011.2.19.19:55:37 – Miranda “P.S. – Yes, you can post this log if you want, but only if you mean it.”
2011.2.19.19:56:02 – StopLog
2011.2.19.19:56:05 – SaveLog diedatabaseshow.txt

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