DIY or Die in Japan

For now, these DIY youth appear to be a minority, whose voice has been drowned out by a drumbeat of reports about Japanese youth’s generally passive response to a dismal future. But experts say their ranks will grow as traditional corporate and social systems crumble further. “On the one hand, you have young people who are taking matters into their own hands in the face of companies and a government who have little to offer them in return,” said Yasuo Suwa, a professor at Hosei University’s graduate school. “But on the other hand, you have young people who are looking for an easy way out, seeking shelters that are fast disappearing,” Suwa said. “It will be slow, but I think there will be more gutsy young people going forward.”

I should ask Satomi from Die Database what she thinks of this…. she really took charge when she started Agartha Labs.  You know there’s a problem when entrepreneurship is controversial.

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