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Rockin’ The Panda Bus

Little children squealed with excitement Tuesday in front of the compound where two giant pandas will live at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. The animals arrived by truck late Monday night on the final leg of a journey from China…..

SGRS Tourism Agency Inc., a tourism agency that runs a free bus decorated with a picture of panda on its front, will add one more bus from next month. The agency will run its bus along a new route, past Ueno Zoo and Tokyo Sky Tree, in the hope that tourists make use of it.

Osamu Ogame, head of the agency’s operations division, said: “It’s wonderful that the pandas arrived safely. We’d like to revitalize the area and visitors’ spirits with our panda buses.”

I so very much want to ride the Panda bus – I need my spirit revitalized, and quick.

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Die Database Concert Attack: Update

Tokyo police have confirmed that the man who attacked Satomi Kurogane was a 41 year old US citizen named Brian Thomas. Apparently his nickname was “Phone” – he was a street artist specializing in graffiti.

They haven’t provided any theories yet as to why he did what he did, or how he died. The autopsy results won’t be released for a few days, but from where I stood, it looked like he was having a full on stroke or heart attack or something – layers of pain all at once.

Satomi is doing fine – the concussion and cuts aren’t serious. She’s already back to her normal self – she’ll be out of the hospital soon.

I won’t say that the whole Die Database tour is canceled, but the next few weeks are definitely off.

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Satomi Kurogane Attacked At Die Database Concert

Satomi Kurogane, the leader of Die Database, was brutally attacked during their sold out show on 2011.2.19. I was there to witness the assault, but I’m not in the position to talk about it right now.

She is doing fine, with only a mild concussion and a few stitches. The assailant died on the scene. He has not yet been publicly identified, but I saw the police putting an United States passport into evidence.

I’ll let you know more as soon as I find out.

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I left my heart at the Die Database concert

2011.2.19.19:12:20 – Agartha Labs Narrative Engine 1.2b6
2011.2.19.19:12:20 – StartLog -ce
2011.2.19.19:12:20 – @TokiDokiDucky is online.
2011.2.19.19:12:20 – @TokiDokiDucky is in Shimo-Kitazawa.
2011.2.19.19:12:49 – @TokiDokiDucky is exiting the train station.
2011.2.19.19:13:12 – TweakLog @TokiDokiDucky -vt
2011.2.19.19:13:12 – Tokie is standing near a wall, as a crowd of people enter and exit the train station.
2011.2.19.19:13:42 – @MirrorPlay is online.
2011.2.19.19:13:42 – @MirrorPlay is in Portland, Oregon.
2011.2.19.19:13:42 – @MirrorPlay “I’m so so sorry! My alarm went off at 3, but my dream didn’t!”
2011.2.19.19:13:50 – TweakLog @MirrorPlay -vt
2011.2.19.19:13:50 – Miranda is activating her eyephones, while she stands in front of the camera on top of her TV.
2011.2.19.19:14:10 – Tokie “Don’t worry about it, we still have almost two hours to kill.”
2011.2.19.19:14:22 – Miranda “Why did you wake me up this early, then?”
2011.2.19.19:14:35 – Tokie “Doors are at 8 – 45 minutes from now. Come on, I’ll give you another tour of Shimo-Kitazawa.”
2011.2.19.19:15:50 – Tokie walks forward, across a pedestrian intersection and towards a row of shops. The nighttime lights are in full bloom.
2011.2.19.19:16:20 – Miranda “Can we go to the neko cafe? Isn’t it this way?”
2011.2.19.19:16:31 – Miranda sends a Google Map URL to Tokie. Accept?
2011.2.19.19:16:35 – TweakLog Miranda -all
2011.2.19.19:16:37 – Miranda now has extended permissions
2011.2.19.19:16:45 – Tokie “We’ll just walk by, so you can see the sign.”
2011.2.19.19:16:58 – Miranda “You. Are. So. Mean.”
2011.2.19.19:17:15 – Tokie “I’ll take you there next week, OK? Right now we’re just going to walk through this neighborhood a bit. Then, back through the station, to the other side. Up past this Italian restaurant I like, then back across the tracks to the club. Deal?”
2011.2.19.19:18:04 – Miranda “Deal.”
2011.2.19.19:18:12 – Tokie “Plus, I have a surprise at the end.”
2011.2.19.19:18:31 – Miranda “Surprise! Oh, the suspense slays me!”
2011.2.19.19:18:40 – Miranda falls backwards, on to her unmade bed, the frills of her dress trailing behind her.
2011.2.19.19:18:45 – Miranda “OK, tour guide! Take me away!”
2011.2.19.19:19:02 – Tokie “Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not going to describe everything. Just look through my eyephones and jump in with questions or quips when the fancy strikes.”
2011.2.19.19:19:40 – Miranda “Yeah yes yup.”
2011.2.19.19:19:50 – Miranda “So. How did you get out of Saturday night at the Circle X?”
2011.2.19.19:20:13 – Tokie “The boss still brags that he knows famous Masae from way back when, and I promised him a signed T-Shirt if he let me take the night off.”
2011.2.19.19:20:52 – Miranda “Doesn’t he have a thing for Yuma?”
2011.2.19.19:21:01 – Tokie “Doesn’t everyone? He was all nose bleeding when she kept coming in looking for Masae, back in the pre 99% Natural days.”
2011.2.19.19:21:40 – Miranda “I forget – did you see her when she came in those times?”
2011.2.19.19:22:12 – Tokie “Yes, on the night she actually found Masae again. She and I had the same shift. Masae was restocking the huge cold tea lineup, and Yuma actually came up behind her, and covered her eyes peekaboo style.”
2011.2.19.19:22:49 – Miranda “Ooooh!”
2011.2.19.19:22:58 – Tokie “Yes, exactly! Masae was all Oooooooh!, your hands are cold Toki! And then she turned around.”
2011.2.19.19:23:20 – Miranda “Love Connection! 99% Blushing!”
2011.2.19.19:23:47 – Tokie “Pretty much. She just sat there, squatting by the crate of bottles…”
2011.2.19.19:23:59 – Miranda “Why wasn’t she loading from behind the freezer?”
2011.2.19.19:24:11 – Tokie “She hates cold, so she always worked from the front, much to boss anger.”
2011.2.19.19:24:24 – Miranda “Boss anger much, ha ha!”
2011.2.19.19:24:33 – Tokie “Squatting, hands still all over her face, she turned around and looked past the elaborate manicure. Later, she told me she thought that I had turned into Yuma magically, rather than it actually being her.”
2011.2.19.19:25:01 – Miranda “You mean a whole magical girl body switching from the void thing?”
2011.2.19.19:25:14 – Tokie “Yes, a whole StrikerS transformation, rather than the simple answer that Yuma had chosen her. For whatever reason, her.”
2011.2.19.19:25:40 – Miranda “Kawaiiiiii! If I ever meet them, the first thing I’ll yell is Kawaiiii! without adequate explanation.”
2011.2.19.19:25:55 – Tokie “OK then. So anyway, their eyes made musical love, and Masae actually left her shift right that instant, walking out of the door with Yuma under her arm.”
2011.2.19.19:26:22 – Miranda “She quit! Just like that?”
2011.2.19.19:26:27 – Tokie “Not exactly. I covered her shift, hacked the time clock, and no one knew the wiser. She kept working there nights until they met Satomi.”
2011.2.19.19:26:48 – Miranda “And you were there! The whole time!”
2011.2.19.19:27:02 – Tokie “Yeah, (sigh). TokiDoki the Die Database Fan Ghost.”
2011.2.19.19:27:16 – Miranda “The FIRST fan ghost. Do you still have the prototype tech?”
2011.2.19.19:27:23 – Tokie “No! Satomi actually took it back, to put in the Agartha Labs archive. Good thing – there were so many wires, the eyephones were super heavy, and the projectors were the size of Dreamcasts.”
2011.2.19.19:27:50 – Miranda “Want! Want! Well, I don’t actually want that busted tech, but I do want a Dreamcast!”
2011.2.19.19:28:19 – Tokie “Did I tell you I was on the set of the Karmic Freedom commercial?”
2011.2.19.19:28:32 – Miranda “What? Maji?”
2011.2.19.19:28:41 – Tokie “I was the Agartha Labs Holographic Technician. I didn’t know how to make it, but I definitely knew how to use the system. Satomi actually hired me to oversee things, while she was busy directing.”
2011.2.19.19:29:05 – Miranda “You mean you were the one taking holographic clothes off of Yuma? Nice!”
2011.2.19.19:29:20 – Tokie “Oh yes, nice, especially when she never let me take her out. I have a not so secret thing for her.”
2011.2.19.19:29:36 – Miranda “Not so secret? All the Fan Ghosts know you have a heart on for her. It’s never gonna happen!”
2011.2.19.19:29:59 – Tokie “You better be nice to me tonight, or you won’t get your surprise!”
2011.2.19.19:30:09 – Tokie “OK. Right here, upstairs, is the restaurant where Die Database was born.”
2011.2.19.19:30:15 – Miranda “What? We have to go in!”
2011.2.19.19:30:24 – Tokie “No, can’t do. We’re already late for the surprise. Come on, off to the club.”
2011.2.19.19:30:44 – Miranda “I will never forgive you! I want to eat pasta where Die Database has!”
2011.2.19.19:30:52 – Tokie “It’s not that bad, actually. The waitresses are cute, you can pour your own drinks…”
2011.2.19.19:31:09 – Miranda “Forgiving you equals never!”
2011.2.19.19:31:17 – Tokie “Again, wait until we get there.”
2011.2.19.19:31:41 – Miranda “Are you logging me? Your Narrative Engine is so dramatic! I’m turning that shit off because I have to… use the restroom.”
2011.2.19.19:31:58 – Miranda EndLog
2011.2.19.19:37:06 – Miranda StartLog
2011.2.19.19:37:12 – Miranda “All Done”
2011.2.19.19:37:18 – Tokie “About time! I don’t even want to know what you were up to.”
2011.2.19.19:37:33 – Miranda “Freshening! It’s all about the freshness.”
2011.2.19.19:37:50 – Tokie “Whatever. I’ve been waiting in front of the club for a few minutes. Look over there.”
2011.2.19.19:38:11 – Miranda “Oooooh! Cosplay photo ops!”
2011.2.19.19:38:21 – Tokie “Yes, if you close your eyes and imagine the first 10 or so Shiina Ringo PVs, and then open your eyes again….”
2011.2.19.19:38:36 – Miranda “You’ll feel you’re living a dream! Pinch me!”
2011.2.19.19:38:48 – Tokie “When we get inside, and we active your Ghost Pass, I’ll pinch you and punch you, virtually.”
2011.2.19.19:38:50 – Miranda “That’s my lady!”
2011.2.19.19:39:56 – Tokie “Speaking of which, your surprise is down those steps, behind that door, behind another door, etc.”
2011.2.19.19:40:09 – Tokie walks slowly down the steps leading to the front door of the club, squeezing past a long line of costumed fans that continues on up, and around the block.
2011.2.19.19:40:09 – TweakLog translate -ej
2011.2.19.19:40:12 – Tokie “OK, I’ve put up subtitles for you, but if you want full voice translation, just use -vo”
2011.2.19.19:40:26 – Tokie knocks on the front door to the club.
2011.2.19.19:41:01 – Unidentified Speaker “It’s about time!”
2011.2.19.19:41:03 – Identified Speaker Masae
2011.2.19.19:41:09 – Tokie @Miranda “Don’t freak out… during your date with the toilet I called ahead so they knew when to expect us. Wait – it gets better.”
2011.2.19.19:41:24 – Miranda “Kawaiiiii! Freaking out! Masae is right there in our face!”
2011.2.19.19:41:34 – Masae “Baby! Did you bring your American girlfriend to play with me?”
2011.2.19.19:41:42 – Miranda “Girlfriend? What have you been telling my idols?”
2011.2.19.19:41:52 – Tokie @Miranda “Just the best parts… now shush!”
2011.2.19.19:42:05 – Tokie “Take me backstage and I’ll port her into the system.”
2011.2.19.19:42:14 – Masae “Hurry up, we have to start our second sound check for the fans in like 10 minutes.”
2011.2.19.19:42:36 – Masae points past the merchandise table to a door, which she proceeds to unlock with a keycard.
2011.2.19.19:42:58 – Masae “After you, Circle X drone!”
2011.2.19.19:43:11 – Tokie “At least I have a real job….. wow!”
2011.2.19.19:43:34 – Unidentified Speaker “Close the door! Close it! Fans don’t get to see my pants [t: underwear] anymore!”
2011.2.19.19:43:43 – Identified Speaker Yuma
2011.2.19.19:43:44 – Unidentified Speaker “Putting on a show before the show – scandalous!”
2011.2.19.19:43:50 – Identified Speaker Satomi
2011.2.19.19:43:51 – Yuma is sitting at a chair, adjusting the skirt of her cowgirl outfit. Satomi is pinning the sash of her scout uniform.
2011.2.19.19:44:09 – Tokie “Where’s the Fan Ghost router? I need to give Miranda early access.”
2011.2.19.19:44:19 – Satomi “I only have one pico in here. Use that router. We can project her against the wall.”
2011.2.19.19:44:34 – Launching GhostServer 3.1.5
2011.2.19.19:44:37 – Tokie @Miranda “Dear, the best I can do is give you some 2D time with your favorites. Enjoy”
2011.2.19.19:44:55 – Miranda appears on the wall as a pink shadow. Her elaborate sweet lolita dress overlaps concert posters from past events.
2011.2.19.19:44:57 – Miranda “You are the best! I can’t believe I haven’t talked to you in person until now!”
2011.2.19.19:45:17 – Masae “You seem a lot taller on Twitter! Just kidding!”
2011.2.19.19:45:32 – Satomi “We appreciate all of the messages you send us. Your commitment to our music means something.”
2011.2.19.19:45:49 – Yuma “What she’s trying to say is that we invited you back stage tonight not as a fan, but a friend.”
2011.2.19.19:46:19 – Masae “Any girlfriend of TokiDoki is a girlfriend of ours, ummmm, you know!”
2011.2.19.19:46:32 – Miranda @Tokie “Again with the girlfriend! You and I need to talk, after the show.”
2011.2.19.19:46:44 – Satomi “In any case, we have a few minutes before the sound check. Is there anything you wanted to ask us?”
2011.2.19.19:47:02 – Miranda “Ummmm…. will you play a song for me tonight? Please please Massive Cloud Burst Theme!”
2011.2.19.19:47:11 – Yuma “During the first encore, I’ll sing it just to you!”
2011.2.19.19:47:18 – Miranda “Thanks! How about a Judy and Mary song, to make Yuma happy!”
2011.2.19.19:47:33 – Masae “Motto! Music Fighter! Come on…. lady boss!”
2011.2.19.19:47:47- Satomi – “I’ll think about it. We’ll talk it over after Muzai Moratorium. Anything else?”
2011.2.19.19:48:04 – Miranda “Can I visit you again? Some other day?”
2011.2.19.19:48:32 – Masae “You’re now in our Address Book, under yes.”
2011.2.19.19:48:48 – Miranda “Thank you! I’ll only come calling at the most annoying times!”
2011.2.19.19:49:14 – Yuma “I believe you! You’ve already seen my underwear – next time you can call when I’m in the shower. Doesn’t mean I’ll answer, but you can call.”
2011.2.19.19:49:35 – Satomi “Alright, that’s it. It’s been nice talking to you, but we have a date with a room full of Shiina Ringo.”
2011.2.19.19:49:51 – Quitting GhostServer
2011.2.19.19:49:51 – Miranda‘s pink shadow immediately blinks out, and Die Database leaves the room.
2011.2.19.19:50:22 – Miranda “Girlfriend?!”
2011.2.19.19:50:31 – Tokie “Masae always jumps to conclusions.”
2011.2.19.19:50:43 – Miranda “She tells it like she sees it. Do you need to tell me like you see me?”
2011.2.19.19:51:57 – Tokie “I don’t know what to say.”
2011.2.19.19:52:15 – Miranda “You’re my best friend! If you’re hiding something from me, I can’t stand it. You can be hot or cold for me, just tell me the truth for once!”
2011.2.19.19:52:39 – Tokie puts her hands to her face and sighs. She stares into the mirror.
2011.2.19.19:53:51 – Tokie “I don’t have the right words for it, but you’re the only one I want.”
2011.2.19.19:54:20 – Miranda “Don’t worry, dear. I’m not going to log off. The one thing I can say for certain is that tonight, I’m only yours.”
2011.2.19.19:54:57 – Tokie wipes away her tears, and walks out of the dressing room.
2011.2.19.19:55:22 – Miranda “Now get those puffy wings working and get my Ghost Pass validated! I want to look my date in the eye.”
2011.2.19.19:55:37 – Miranda “P.S. – Yes, you can post this log if you want, but only if you mean it.”
2011.2.19.19:56:02 – StopLog
2011.2.19.19:56:05 – SaveLog diedatabaseshow.txt

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DIY or Die in Japan

For now, these DIY youth appear to be a minority, whose voice has been drowned out by a drumbeat of reports about Japanese youth’s generally passive response to a dismal future. But experts say their ranks will grow as traditional corporate and social systems crumble further. “On the one hand, you have young people who are taking matters into their own hands in the face of companies and a government who have little to offer them in return,” said Yasuo Suwa, a professor at Hosei University’s graduate school. “But on the other hand, you have young people who are looking for an easy way out, seeking shelters that are fast disappearing,” Suwa said. “It will be slow, but I think there will be more gutsy young people going forward.”

I should ask Satomi from Die Database what she thinks of this…. she really took charge when she started Agartha Labs.  You know there’s a problem when entrepreneurship is controversial.

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Worse that flag-insulting….

The Russian Foreign Ministry requested Tuesday that Japan investigate a recent incident in which right-wing activists allegedly insulted a Russian flag outside the country’s embassy in Tokyo.

…..The alleged incident took place on Monday, known in Japan as Northern Territories Day, with the Japanese activists dragging the Russian state flag on the ground, the Itar-Tass news agency said. The flag was torn, stained and then covered with black cross symbols all over, the report said.

Seriously, just leave all flags alone. They’re way too precious – like huge, flat diamonds waving all sparkly. After the world ends, small flags on sticks will be used as currency.

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I don’t like Natchan that much…

Good Morning なっちゃん! - click for CM

I prefer actual orange juice, but that doesn’t have a happy face on it. Decisions!

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Die Database Tour Starts 2011.2.19!

I finally got word from Satomi that the first show for Die Database’s 椎名 林檎 (Shiina Ringo) tour will be in two weeks, on 2011.2.19.

Of course, the location is secret, and tickets have been sold out for months, but I’ll make sure to give you a report about all of the amazingness right after the fact.

Details have not yet been posted at since dieadmin is apparently lazy. Either that or it’s all part of the crazy plan.

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